Business efficiency

Improving business efficiency through Process and Operational enhancement, Restructuring of companies, Product mastering and Sales & Distribution strategies.

Technology adoption

Technology adoption for business applications – through Mobile payments, Big Data discovery, Mobile & Cloud for marketing, operations and more.

Ventures Development

Incubating, developing and growing business opportunities, through technology, marketing, operational & financial fine-tuning and enabling market reach.

Business efficiency

  • Operational models and process efficiency
  • Distressed companies financial & organizational restructuring
  • Customer experience centricity practical introduction
  • Product development and implementation
  • Sales & distribution strategies and processes

Technology adoption

  • Mobile and remote payments application – merchants, operators & banking perspective
  • Big Data discovery & business utilization
  • Mobile & cloud models for marketing and operations
  • Brands retail exposure and distribution optimizing

Ventures development

  • Information technology concepts introduction and deployment
  • Distressed ventures financing and fine-tuning
  • Services & products incubating, launching and marketing
  • Enabling reach and adoption within financial institutions & retail industries

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